Kyle Kelly
Kyle Kelley
Kyle Kelly
Vital statistics
Title Kyle Kelly
Gender Male
Race Caucasian

|age = 14-16 Kyle is Ian and Korey's brother and the oldest of the family. A laid-back, somewhat doltish teenager, Kyle isn't stupid so much as lazy; he knows how to get his way around the house, and sees no reason to put any real effort into anything. Unknown to most, he is actually very intelligent; he is able to spell extremely difficult words with ease, can perform complex mathematical equations in his head, and can memorize entire science textbooks. The only thing that Kyle is really interested in is the opposite sex; he readily will take chase after any attractive female that catches his eye, but his pursuits seldom lead to anything other than rejection. As with most brothers, Kyle has a playfully antagonistic relationship with the well-behaved Ian; while he probably cares for the "doofus" deep down, the temptations to play off of Ian's gullibility and sensitivity are too much for him to resist most of the time.


  • Kyle thinks that the correct way to kill a spider is with a jackhammer.