Kyle Kelley
Kyle Kelly
Vital statistics
Title Kyle Kelly
Birthday September 12
Age 18

Kyle Kelley is Ian's eldest brother. He is laid-back, lazy, and serves as a 'big brother bully' to Ian and on occasion Korey. Though he is often portrayed as dimwitted, in actuality Kyle is very intelligent. He is capable of performing complex mathematical equations in his head,  spelling highly difficult words with ease, and can memorize entire science textbooks. He refrains from doing any of this because he is self-conscious about his status as one of the cool popular kids and believes he can't be both smart and cool at the same time. Tack onto that his general laziness, and Kyle is far more content throwing parties, hanging out with his friends, or laying around on the couch watching TV than nurturing his intellect.

Though he has expressed brief interest both in becoming a tattooist in one episode and a ferry Captain in another, Kyle's main interests are razzing his brothers and pursuing the opposite sex. He will readily chase any attractive female that catches his attention, but these advances usually end in rejection. In the episode Hurry for Hollywood, Kyle is in a relationship with an unseen girl by the name of Jessica, who he constantly breaks up and gets back together with. By the next season, it appears he is in an established relationship with her as at one point he purchased two tickets to a concert and intended to attend it with his "Lady friend Jessica".

Like Korey, Kyle has a playfully antagonistic relationship with Ian, who he often refers to as "doofus".

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