Korey Kelly
Korey Kelly
Vital statistics
Title Korey Kelly
Birthday October 12
Age 15

Korey Kelley is the middle child of the three Kelley brothers. He is a very eccentric and not even his own family understands him much of the time. He is also implied to be quite private, as in the episode O Brother Where Art Thou, Ian, during his search for him, discovers a whole other life his brother has been living that he never knew about.

Korey often gets lost in his own world, but despite this he is often very observant and on occasion quite sharp.

Caught in the middle of his two brothers, Korey combines Ian's niceness and sensitivity with Kyle's laziness and antagonism. He is a bit naive, but always willing to help his brothers out of a pinch. Ian seems to have a better relationship with Korey, overall, than he has with Kyle, despite Korey also falling into the category of 'big brother bully', often teaming up with Kyle to pull pranks on him.

A running gag is that Korey never removes his cap, even when he sleeps. The one episode where he does reveals his hair is a matted rats nest in desperate need of some care.

In the episode Bad Day at White Rock, Korey is rescued by a girl named Andrea who appears to be of Asian descent. She proves to be something of a tomboy and shares a lot of his interests. The two get along famously and Korey develops an obvious crush on her, on the way back home even dreaming of her as he sleeps. He also gets flustered when Ian calls her his girlfriend, after the pair 'rescue' him.

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